【SALE】オールドタッパーウェア 7点セット / Old Tupperware 7 pieces set

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【SALE】20%OFF 4320⇒3240円

7 pieces Tupperware set from the 70's. They are really airtight so you can even use them for liquid dishes like miso soup and Umeboshi, of course, it is also suitable for dry dishes such as udon and pasta. It can also be used as containers for coffee beans, kimuchi etc. because there are very little odor leaks from them. Can also be used as a picnic or camping equipment. ◎

① ①オールドタッパーウェア クイーンデコレーター / Old Tupperware Queen Decorator
Condition: vintage, used
Size: diameter 16.7 cm, height 26.5 cm, 3.7L
Color: green

②オールドタッパーウェア フレクシー (水差し) / Old Tupperware Flexi (Pitcher)
Condition: vintage, used
Size: diameter 12 cm, height 20 cm
Color: beige

③オールドタッパーウェア ミニデコレーター 花柄 / Old Tupperware Mini Decorator Floral Pattern
Condition: vintage, used
Size: diameter 13.6 cm, height 9 cm
Color: brown

④タッパーウェア ミニポピー / Tupperware minipopy
Condition: vintage, used
Size: diameter 11.2 cm, height 6.5 cm, 350ml
Color: yellow / orange



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